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Welcome to CrossFit Esher

Functional fitness gym located in Esher, Surrey.

Enjoy the full 360 health and fitness experience with group fitness classes, strength and conditioning workouts and hot and cold therapy rooms.

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes

Coach led CrossFit classes feature a variety of different functional movements performed at high intensity. The classes are 60 minutes long and focus on strength building, conditioning and skill-learning.

Erg classes

Erg Classes

Erg classes at CrossFit Esher will enhance your cardio-vascular endurance and aerobic capacity. You will notice a huge improvement in your fitness on the rowing machine, ski machine and bike machine.

Barbell Classes

Barbell Classes

The barbell will become your new best friend with our barbell classes. Learn olympic lifting movements and work to improve your strength across a variety of different lifts.

Gymnastic Classes

Gymnastics Classes

Learn new skills, build strict strength and challenge yourself with our gymnastic classes.

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Where to find us

CrossFit® Esher

CrossFit Esher, Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Ln, Esher, East Molesey KT10 8EG