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Jack Evans

CrossFit L1

Since leaving college early in 2019 I was very lucky to stumble into CrossFit 2012 – originally swearing to never actually do any CrossFit and stick to powerlifting I was opened up to an amazing community filled with people from all walks and slowly but surely I found myself trying new things – eventually running my first ultra-marathon aged 18 last year.

After working in a commercial gym for 2 years Matt and Lizzie helped me to complete my L1 and complete a coaching tutoring programme with Matt – I eventually began coaching in 2012 full time in autumn 2021.

Having coached and trained in many disciplines I deliver classes in a way that focuses on foundational pieces and tools that carry across from their specific sport.
I love the community we have in 2012 and how every class is shaped by those attending.

CrossFit2012 group fitness classes


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