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Our Team

Matthew Lawrence

MSc BSc (hons) MCSP HCPC, CrossFit® Level 2 Coach

CrossFit® Esher Head Coach and Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist.  

Matt has worked extensively in the fitness industry since 2002, beginning his career as a fitness advisor. He undertook an under and postgraduate in sports science during his twenties and finally graduated as a physiotherapist in 2009.  

Matt developed an all-encompassing approach to health and fitness, having the skills to clinically assess, diagnose, and rehabilitate athletes to full functional fitness. Being part of the Paralympics in London in 2012 was Matt’s most proud achievement as a physiotherapist and assistant coach.  

Matt’s style of practice and his own sporting background steered his interest in CrossFit, and he immediately fell in love with the ‘Sport of Fitness’. The CrossFit methodology, and the attention to detail in teaching great movement, drew Matt in, and he hasn’t looked back since. Matt teaches CrossFit in his own way, ensuring everyone understands that good consistent movement, comes before intensity, ensuring that all athletes are training with the right stimulus load for their capacity.

Matts’s favourite movement is the deadlift.

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